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How to build a strong personal brand? Tips for recruiters!

Evotalents January 14, 2022

Personal brand, recruiter, recruiters

Should a recruiter spend time and efforts creating and developing a personal brand?

If you haven't thought about this yet, we will help you find out why the answer is yes!

Do you agree that a strong personal brand of a recruiter means:

  • good reputation among colleagues and candidates;
  • trust in you as an expert;
  • candidates give you more responses because they are already familiar with your posts/speeches/articles;
  • possibility of increasing the cost of your services.

And also a strong personal brand:

  • attracts "your" customers;
  • helps to gain the necessary connections, partners, etc.

If these arguments have convinced you that a personal brand is really worth paying your time and attention to, go to the next point :)

How can a recruiter build a strong brand?

Great LinkedIn profile

Yes, a LinkedIn profile can really help you build a strong personal brand.
In fact, the explanation is quite simple: LinkedIn profile is a place where you interact with candidates and clients the most.

And to find out if your LinkedIn profile meets all the requirements, two simple questions will help:

  • What will be the opinion of the person who visited your profile? Will the visitor immediately understand what you do and what services you offer?
  • Is your profile different from others? Is it something that stands out or is it remembered?

If you answered "no" to these questions, you need to fix it.

Be useful

Here we want to say that we need to share useful information. Create useful content: blogs, regular posts on social networks, publish your articles in the media, think about the possibility of joint live broadcasts with colleagues/other companies/partners. At the very least, a wider audience will learn about you (as an expert and professional), or you can even receive great offers that you will definitely not want to reject.
Important! You need to post content regularly. Publishing posts, for example, once a month, or post something once a week and then stop posting for the whole week after that... believe us, it's not a good idea. Therefore, remember to post content regularly so that your followers remember you.

And if you haven't decided yet what to write about, we have some tips for you:

  1. Write about what you are an expert in (if you are a recruiter, then share useful information about recruiting)
  2. Visit profiles of your colleagues, or profiles of popular/famous person in your niche. What do they write about? Analyze the topics of publications, it will help you understand what you can write about.
  3. Find recruitment blogs, recruitment sites. What topics are covered there? Do you also have something to share with the audience? Then write a post or article about it.
  4. Do you have an interesting case, do you want to share your observations or discoveries with colleagues? Feel free to write about it! This will definitely be useful for other recruiters. By the way, candidates may also be interested in reading such a post :)


No, it's not about social media activity. Now we are talking about participation in different events (workshops, webinars, events, meetings, conferences, etc.). Any events where you can:

  • tell about yourself as an expert;
  • make new useful acquaintances (meet potential clients/partners/candidates);
  • share your expertise;
  • learn something new and useful that you can then use in your work.

Attending recruiting events is a great way to build your personal brand. This is actually a must.

Let's sum it up

Attend events (offline, online), keep in mind that it's important to build networking, be as a speaker, write expert articles, share your observations/experience/useful information.

And then you will definitely have a strong personal brand.

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