Our approach

  • We appreciate your time.

    At the very start, we figure out as much as possible about your company and dive into what makes you unique. That’s how we connect IT companies with the right people.

  • We promote your brand.

    By recruiting IT professionals with us, you can be sure you’ll have a positive image among your potential employees.
    IT recruiter is a company’s face. We communicate clearly, give timely feedback, and care about each candidate’s impression after the interview.

  • We work transparently.

    Every week you receive a report about the completed recruiter’s work at each stage - from the beginning of work to the closure of a vacancy.
    Thus, in addition to the result, you will also see the process on how many IT specialists were contacted by the recruiter, the main reasons for the refusal and feedback from candidates about the company.


We provide the following services to IT companies:

  • Recruitment of IT specialists

    We're looking for technical and non-technical IT specialists. To get to the most unreachable candidates, we use our excellent sourcing skills.

  • Opening an office on a turnkey basis

    We consider your request when looking for a perfect office and undertake organization routines.

  • Sourcing of candidates

    We help you create a list of suitable candidates that aren't present on LinkedIn, using our toolset and sourcing skills.

  • IT job market research and consultations on all aspects of recruitment

    Our services include research of salaries, tendencies, and potential of the IT job market. We also consult companies on recruitment and HR on demand.

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Our clients

We're proud of acting as recruiting partners
and complementing your inhouse team seamlessly.

  • Amcbridge
  • Wix
  • Beetroot
  • Erbis
  • Solvve
  • Sparkybit
  • Sitecore
  • Rocketshield
  • Mobindustry

What our clients say about us

Pavel Obod
Pavel Obod

Fonder & CEO

Sloboda Studio

EvoTalents team always try to understand our company's specifics and internal processes. Thanks to daily detailed reports, we always keep up with the work updates. I definitely recommend EvoTalents as a team with great delivery and stunning results!

Alexey Nayda
Alexey Nayda

Founder & CEO


We've been partnering with EvoTalents for a while and they've become our reliable partners and friends I can't imagine my business without. EvoTalents team put their hearts and souls into their work and the result of their work is always impressive!

Ekaterina Zhuravel
Ekaterina Zhuravel

HR Manager


EvoTalents team consists of people totally in love with their job. The girls know how to close complicated vacancies and they consider not only candidates' technical skills, but their personal traits as well. Such approach ensures getting the most suitable candidates to the team.

Maxim Itskovich
Maxim Itskovich



We've been working with EvoTalents for more than a year now and each vacancy has been successfully closed. EvoTalents are highly skilled in communication which is a rare thing in recruiting service. I can totally recommend EvoTalents as a reliable recruiting partners.

Irina Sirotkina
Irina Sirotkina

Recruitment Manager

AMC Bridge

We have been working with you for two years already, during this time you have closed 9 vacancies for us. I really like the fact that you understand what candidates we need, you are always open to dialogue, you promptly respond to all questions and suggestions. Thank you very much for your professional approach.

Julia Bondareva
Julia Bondareva

HR Business Partner

Erbis Cloud Services LLP

We work with EVO talents team for a year already. I can describe EVO team approach as professionalism with human touch. They make sure to really understand their client and its needs. I am confident to recommend EVO as a reliable business partner and just great people.