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Our values

  • Soul-Driven Hiring

    We do everything with soul. We like to close vacancies, but most of all we love the feeling when we have connected an ideal candidate with a company.

  • Recruitment Partners

    We are partners for our clients. At the same time, we do even simple things with a unique EvoTalents approach: quality, personalization, global sourcing, honest interviews, immersion in the client's product or project are important to us.

  • Team Magic

    Our team is a place of strength for each of us! We always understand and support each other, and we are ready to help each other anytime. And although we are all very different, we are united by great love for people and recruiting!

  • #sharingiscaring

    We share our knowledge and experience with the community of IT recruiters and sourcers on our social networks, at our events and courses at EvoTalents.School.

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Our Team

Lena Volk


Masha Naumenko

Marketing Manager

Marina Popruzhenko

Operation Manager

Nadiia Volk

Financial Manager

Vadym Nagirniak

Recruitment Partner

Julia Malyuk

Recruitment Partner

Ilona Medyanaya

Recruitment Partner

Varvara Svezhentseva

Content Marketer

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