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TOP 5 courses to start your career as an IT recruiter

Evotalents February 25, 2021

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Times change. And now it’s not enough to have good communication skills and understand that Java and JavaScript are two different things to become an it recruiter :)

Today, IT recruiters are specialists with skills in sourcing, marketing, employer branding, SMM, copywriting and strong knowledge of the software development process. Of course, outstanding soft skills must be present among the competences of a recruiter too.

If you are just at the beginning of your journey and feel that you do not have enough knowledge to start your career as an IT recruiter, then courses can be a great start. As a rule, courses are a mixture of learning, an opportunity to get a mentor and networking!

In our article, we will tell about recruiting courses for IT recruiters from scratch (for novice recruiters). Some of them will start very soon, and it's to hurry up to book your place!

ITHunt: Practical School for IT HR Managers

The author's course by Victoria Musiyachenko is aimed at "educating" IT recruiters from scratch. Victoria started her career in IT recruiting in 2003, and she has something to surprise even experienced colleagues.

The course program is varied and includes not only technical skills in searching for candidates, but also a separate module devoted to technical peculiarities of IT field, development of IT professionals, basic skills in working according to Agile methodologies, and much more.

Courses may be in both online and offline formats. Get ready to deepen into IT recruiting, as the online course has 22 lessons and the offline course has 30 lessons.

Conclusions: this course will be useful not only for novice recruiters, but also for those who already have experience in non-IT companies. This course takes a lot of time and are not suitable for those who want to get started quickly after receiving a certificate.

GUIDance IT Recruiting Online Course

Another course with an emphasis on students with knowledge of HR and recruiting, but not related to IT.

GUIDance course consists of 9 modules and one mentoring session. Topics cover the main areas of IT recruiting: from finding out the requirements from the customer's vacancy and the main platforms for finding technical IT professionals to basic sourcing and copywriting skills.

After the course, students have lifelong access to the course materials and can make 2 calls with the course curators to improve their knowledge.

Conclusions: the course from GUIDance is suitable for mid-level recruiters who would like to learn more about the search and selection of IT professionals. Thanks to the online format and short videos, it is convenient to take the course on the go and at any convenient time.

Indigo IT Recruiting School 

IT recruiting agency Indigo has been on the market since 2007. Today, when we talk about Indigo, we recall their specialization in complex C-level vacancies, the organization of large-scale conferences and the IT recruiting school.

The peculiarity of this course is its famous speakers and real professionals in their field. For example, copywriting and written communication with candidates is taught by Staska Padalka, the author of "Waiting for a copywriter" and a speaker at Fish, Projector, Baggage and other educational platforms.

The sourcing module is led by Irina Shamaeva, a sourcing guru, author of the Boolean Strings blog and the book “300 Best Boolean Strings”. The employer brand module is taught by Anastasia Stetsenko, Employee Advocacy Lead at DataArt, a lecturer at Laba. And this is not a complete list!

In 10 modules you can deepen not only into IT recruiting, but also in building a personal brand, copywriting for vacancies and conversion texts, and pitching a vacancy in recruiting.

Conclusions: Indigo courses offer a stellar speaker lineup, well-crafted curriculum and flexible payment terms. There are 4 packages available for students and the ability to buy only one of the modules.

IT Recruiter

IT Recruiter is an online course at Mike Pritula Academy. They have been on the market since 2011 and have more than 60 HR courses. This course is suitable for all recruiters: who already work in IT or those who want to switch to IT.

The author of the course and its host, Igor Bogdan, is the author of the publications on,,, has 10 years of experience in recruiting and HR, including spot headhunting of expats and top managers. This list of achievements goes on and on :)

It’s an online course which consists of 10 lessons, where listeners actively participate in discussions (in a closed Telegram chat), and also receive knowledge and get feedbacks from the author of the course.

The course contains both explanations of IT technologies, and recruiting & sourcing tools. On the course you get ready-made keywords for X-Ray search and Boolean Search queries, a list of Telegram channels and resources for finding IT specialists

Conclusions: the course from Mike Pritula Academy is suitable for recruiters who work in both IT and non-IT fields. Convenient learning format, where all the materials are available in your personal account. There are four tariffs, and you can also buy a recorded course. When learning is completed, students receive a document on the completion of the course.

IT Recruiting from Scratch

It would be a crime not to mention our course here :)

In 2021, we transformed our School and introduced short crash-courses for those who can't wait to get started working as an IT recruiter.

Our online course "IT Recruiting from Scratch" consists of 7 modules and a Q&A session with a technical specialist. During 3 weeks of studying, we offer not only to learn the theory but also to work with real cases and have a lot of practice.

Despite the low threshold for entering into this profession, it is important for us to make our students understand whether IT recruiting is "their" business. Therefore, if you feel that this course is not suitable for you, we will refund you 80% of the course cost after the first lecture.

On the course, we analyze topics related to the specifics of the IT sphere, the main channels for finding candidates, effective communications, recruiting analytics and much more.

Bonus for our students: a subscription to the People First Club – a professional club for IT HR and recruiters. 

Conclusions: the course "IT Recruiting from Scratch" from EvoTalents team is suitable for beginners who want to learn quickly and start using knowledge right after completing the course. The best students can get recommendations on LinkedIn and some students can join our EvoTalents team.


Now we see crazy growth of vacancies in IT field: from developers and designers to recruiters and HR managers. Working with IT market, we can see the prospect of teaching recruiters and believe that real talents will always be in demand, even in such a competitive niche. We hope that the courses from our selection have interested you and inspired you to make radical changes.

P.S. Our EvoTalents.School is a great source of knowledge for IT recruiters and sourcers. We offer many useful courses on communication with candidates, sourcing and freelance recruiting. We will be glad to see you on our courses!