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Blockchain Recruitment

Evotalents July 22, 2022

Recently, we had a live broadcast on our Telegram channel with Zhanna Manzyk, Lead of Operations UAE & International Business at There we talked about searching for candidates for the blockchain market and about the blockchain market in general.
In general, now there are a lot of cool promising blockchain projects with amazing ideas, but many of them lack specialists, because blockchain recruitment is a new and sometimes unstructured direction. So we'd like to share with you some information about what the blockchain market looks like now, who blockchain recruiters are, and how to work with blockchain vacancies.

Blockchain Field: Analytics

Many people, having heard the word "blockchain market", immediately try to find information about what this field is and what its prospects are. If we are talking about the blockchain market in Dubai, it promises to grow from 5 billion from 2021 to 67 billion by the end of 2026.

And according to LinkedIn analytics, the number of job postings with keywords like cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin increased by 400% from 2020 to 2021 compared to last year, and the number of postings continues to grow.

There is already quite a high demand for blockchain recruiters, and the demand for blockchain recruiters will definitely continue to grow.

Blockchain Recruiter: Who Is It?

First of all, a blockchain recruiter is more than just a full-stack recruiter. Of course, here you need:

  • technical recruiting skills, Boolean Search;
  • understanding how to work with the search for candidates on GitHub;
  • knowledge of the blockchain market, and to know some project examples;
  • being aware of the main news about partnerships between large companies and blockchain projects;
  • basic knowledge of smart contract risks;
  • flexibility and the ability to adapt to new roles, because now new vacancies appear quickly;
  • you also need to know how to hire people for startups;
  • ability to adapt to search in different markets (USA, Dubai, China, etc.), because blockchain is a global market.

You will definitely need such skills if you are considering the option of switching to blockchain recruitment. The ability to adapt to everything new and quickly react to changes will also come in handy.

Blockchain Positions

Who works in blockchain? What positions are there? Roles in the blockchain field are very similar to the IT field. There are also technical and non-technical roles in blockchain.

If we talk about technical vacancies, these are blockchain developers, Solidity, Rust, Go.

There is also a high demand for CTO and DevOps.

Among the non-technical specialists, we can mention DeFi Farmer (a position that appeared very recently), Head of Gaming with blockchain experience, Community Managers,Business Development (head of business development / junior BD). In general, specialists from the IT field are usually hired, but with minimal experience in blockchain.

Blockchain Vacancy: How to Work with it?

First of all, if you have received such a vacancy, you need to learn as much information as possible about the client:

  • how promising the client is for you, conducts research on LinkedIn, ask colleagues (perhaps someone has already worked with them?);
  • who are the founders?
  • ask about the roadmap, how they will move along the project in the next 2 years;
  • fundraising: do they have any investments? Are they planned?
  • what partnerships do they have, with which companies?

And then, of course, ask all the details about the vacancy and which candidate, with what experience, is needed.

How quickly can you close vacancies in blockchain?

In fact, there is no specific number of days/weeks/months here, but if we are talking, for example, about marketing vacancies, such as Community Manager, then they are often close in 2-3 weeks.

As for developers, then you need to take into account the possible notice period, so such vacancies can be closed in a month, a month and 10 days, for example.

Regarding CTO and Co-Founders, it can take from one month to two. In general, time frames are very similar to the IT field.

And very soon, Zhanna will tell us more about blockchain recruitment and share some practical tips on how to become a blockchain recruiter at our new “Intensive Course: Blockchain Recruitment”, which starts on August 10. In addition, this is one of the first courses on blockchain recruitment:) We will soon announce all the details on our social media. See you at the blockchain recruitment course on August 10!
Also, on August 2, we will hold a webinar where we will talk about the blockchain direction.