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International Recruiting: the USA

Evotalents April 6, 2022

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Now the topic of international sourcing is so important and relevant for all sourcers and recruiters as never before. So we'd like to share some useful information on this topic. And we'll start with the United States.

Our guest speaker Olga Tsiselska, Tech Sourcer at Bolt, told us about recruiting in the United States and shared her experience & tools for sourcing in the USA.

So, talking about sourcing in the USA, it is important to keep in mind the fact that the US market is very large, but very competitive! Of course, you can find a lot of developers here, but hiring them is not so easy. Unless, of course, you're looking for someone for a junior position, it's not difficult. But when it comes to where to find developers, it's probably no secret that most engineers are in Silicon Valley, but there are also lots of developers in Seattle.
We hope you have written down in your notes that you should definitely look for candidates in these locations:)

Before we move on to sourcing tools and practical tips, we advise you to pay attention to what exactly should not be done when it comes to recruiting & sourcing in the USA!

What shouldn't we do?

  • You can't ask about the current salary. Of course, you can ask about candidate's salary expectations, but asking about the current salary is forbidden. Why? No, not just because it is an incorrect or impolite tone of voice, but because it is against the law!
  • Forget about cold calls. More precisely, avoid them if you are not looking for candidates for low-skilled positions or contractors.
  • And one more piece of advice: don't forget that communication should be politically correct, as well as racially and gender-neutral! Friends, please keep this in mind!

Where to look for candidates?

If you have decided that you will be looking for candidates from the United States, here are some websites to help you with your search:

Tools for sourcing

We have already mentioned some websites where you can find candidates, but what to do when you really need to know the candidate's mail, and the mail is not specified? Then we can use extensions to find mails. We recommend using, for example, these extensions:

  • SalesQL – an extension to help you find candidate emails. A big advantage: it is possible to create projects (lists) that will be stored in SalesQL Cloud. They can also be downloaded in CSV.

  • Improver – another extension that finds mail pretty well. 

  • RocketReach – a tool, which works very well in the US market. So, if you are looking for a tool to use to source contacts of US candidates, this extension will work great.

Useful extensions 

We hope the previous tips have been helpful to you, but that's not all. To make sourcers' and recruiters' life even easier, there are programs that minimize the time spent on communication. It would be very convenient if you could quickly answer the messages and questions of candidates, wouldn't it? But in fact such programs exist. And here are some of them:

  • Magical – a program where you can save your templates and always have on hand templates of messages, answers to frequently asked questions, etc.

  • Briskine – similar to the previous program. But here you can also add attachments.

  • Textio – tools for the analysis of texts on gender neutrality. We have already mentioned above how important it is to adhere to a gender-neutral style of communication when it comes to communicating with US candidates.

  • Clickboard History –everything you copied/pasted is stored here. Perfect :)

Thank you, Olga Tsiselska, for such interesting and useful material! And if you want to learn more about international sourcing, you can watch the webinar “International sourcing. How to adapt quickly”, or a very practical webinar about international sourcing, which will be useful for both beginners (basic information and where to start) and experienced users (scraping data and building a pipeline with them).

We also invite you to upgrade your sourcing skills and join our "Sourcing course: Advanced", which will help you automate your work, learn how to build sourcing process and manage a team of sourcers, how to work with date and duplicates, and how scraping helps find the right candidates.