New Year is coming…How to organize Secret Santa at work?

Evotalents December 7, 2021

Now everyone is preparing for New Year and trying to answer the questions "What to give to colleagues? What corporate party to organize? How to celebrate New Year with my team?". And also now almost every recruiter has a thought "To search or not to search? Maybe after the holidays?!"...

It's time to remember about Secret Santa!

We are sure that each of us has heard something about the Secret Santa at least once. In short, it is an anonymous gift exchange between the team members (in our case). This is really a great idea for any company, because it is not just a way to bring the team closer together. This is a great way to feel the New Year's mood! Who wouldn't expect gifts from their Secret Santas for the New Year and browse websites with gifts waiting for this wonderful holiday? :)

How to organize Secret Santa?

Of course, you can choose a traditional way and write employees' names on pieces of paper and then pull them, but in today's reality, when a lot of us work remotely or if employees are in different parts of the world, online services will help us.


Elfster – it is a website that will help you arrange a cool gift exchange.

How to use it?

Step 1. You need to come up with a name for the event. For example, New Year.
Step 2. Choose the way you will exchange gifts: in person (during the meeting) or by mail.
Step 3. Decide on a budget. If there are certain rules on what to give/not to give, you can also specify them there.
Step 4. Add the names and email addresses of those who will participate in Secret Santa. After that, you will receive confirmation that everything is fine and the "campaign" has been successfully created. All the participants will receive emails with invitations to participate in this gift exchange.

Step 5. After receiving the letter and following the link indicated in it, everyone goes to the page with details (what, where, when it will take place and what the budget of the gifts is).
There you can create your wis hlist (if you have an idea what you'd like to get as a gift).

After confirming that the participants really want to take part in this process, everyone is notified that elves will send the name of the person to whom the gift will be given on the specified day. And there will be a reminder that you still have a chance to add something to your wish list.


DrawNames – this is a service that has a "Secret Santa Generator" page, where you can make a list of participants, specify the approximate value of gifts and when exactly the gifts should be exchanged, add a message that will be received by everyone added to the list of Secret Santa participants.

After that, each participant receives an invitation to join. After following the link from the email, participants can not only create a wishlist, but also immediately find out whose Secret Santa they will be.

By the way, if your "drawn name" doesn't have a wish list, DrawNames immediately offers to use the Gift Finder, which will show you some gift options.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa – this website is similar to the previous ones.

Here you can:

  1. Create a list of participants.
  2. Write the text of the message everyone will receive via mail.
  3. Indicate when and where the exchange of gifts is planned to happen.
  4. See whose Secret Santa you are going to be.
  5. Write a wis hlist so that your Secret Santa knows what to give you. Or it will be a surprise :)

By the way, here is the letter that will be sent to everyone who was invited to become a Secret Santa:

So if you want your team to feel the spirit of the upcoming holidays, have fun and learn more about each other, or maybe you just have a task to come up with some New Year's activities for the team, it's time to use the websites above. Our EvoTalents Team is going to join a Secret Santa party too! And we have already started preparing gifts :)