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How can Clubhouse be useful for recruiters and IT companies?

Lena Volk
Lena Volk February 12, 2021

Now everyone is talking about a new social network. Our team has been using it during a couple of weeks, and we have already “fallen in love”. In this article we are going to tell you what Clubhouse is, how it can affect it recruitment and whether recruiters should pay attention to this network.

What it is?

Clubhouse is a new audio social network that is gaining its popularity very quickly. There you can follow other people and create rooms with them. You can communicate with your voice in the room and everyone who follows you can join it. 

There is one thing that differs Clubhouse from other social networks. There are no pictures, videos, text there. Only voice communication is possible.

Clubhouse has a lot of clubs and rooms of interest. And you can join discussions just to listen to (like the radio, but you can choose topics you are interested in) or raise your hand, and then you will be added to the stage and given a microphone. Thus, you can send a question to speakers or share your experience.

How can Clubhouse benefit companies?

We have already listened to interviews with several founders of IT product companies, and they are in demand. Also, we have seen IT specialists among the listeners who could directly ask CEO, CTO, Tech Leaders different questions: about processes, company goals, selection of candidates, etc.

This is a great opportunity for companies to get closer to candidates and thus communicate their values. Such communication, in our opinion, helps to do it better and faster than articles / posts / podcasts.

Therefore, we strongly recommend idea companies and startups to take a closer look at this social network.

It will also be useful for those companies that are already driving professional communities. Communication in Clubhouse can replace webinars and live broadcasts. It is much easier to meet and start communicating there, and it is also easier to engage and build an audience.

How can Clubhouse be useful for recruiters?

Jan Tegze in his article has recently written examples of how you can look for people on Clubhouse. We have already tried these methods and added our own:

1. Search for actual rooms using the operator “site”. Examples: Marketing

site: in title:“marketing strategies”

This is how you can find clubs and rooms of interest. People search hasn’t started working yet.

2. Internal search

You can find clubs and see members using keywords. For example, the word "DevOps" has found a club that had 1.1k people. If you are an international recruiter, you should definitely pay attention to the community like this. 

Clubhouse for it recruiting

3. Search by followers

In our opinion, this is the best way to find people right now. For example, go to the profile of a friend-designer and see who he follows and who follows him. From our experience, there were a lot of designers there. Many participants write their position in bio and this information can be seen by others.

Клабхаус для рекрутинга в ИТ

If we find someone on the Clubhouse, what should we do next?

If it happens, then your actions are the same as with other social networks.

- you can find a person by name and surname on LinkedIn, on Google, see his/her other accounts and information.

- bio has the ability to connect links to Instagram and Twitter, so you can go there. People say that the same button will appear for LinkedIn soon.

- and, of course, search by photo can be used here as well.

Who should recruiters follow?

Now, not all famous speakers from our field are on Clubhouse, but we think this will change soon. At the start, we recommend that you subscribe at least to:

Hung Lee @hunglee

Jan Tegze @jantegze

Louise Triance @louisetriance

Stephen O’Donnell @stephenodonn

Johnny Campbell @johnnycampbell

Our team is still looking at this social network, and we have a plan to organize our first meeting. It is quite possible that this will lead to the creation of the club for Ukrainian recruiters, where ideas and insights can be exchanged in an open atmosphere. Coming soon ...

In the meantime, we are studying the platform further, and we are going to add a more detailed overview to our sourcing courses.