How to maintain work-life balance while working remotely: 6 Tips from EvoTalents

Evotalents November 19, 2020

What will recruitment, HR and recruiters associate 2020 with? Certainly with #WFH and a “new normal” in familiar workflows. And as a remote-first team, we know how to be productive while working from home. In this article we would like to share our experience of working remotely, the difficulties we face and how we try to solve them. Sometimes we manage it :)

In June PwC conducted a survey and found that 72% of office workers would like to work remotely at least 2 days a week. At the same time, 43% of the interviewed employees noted that working remotely didn’t affect their productivity, and 28% felt that work outside the office was even more productive. Despite the inevitable #WFH reality, many face the challenges of remote work:

  • Children and family distract from work;

  • People often forget to close their laptops on time in the evening, working till late;

  • Difficulties with prioritizing tasks (and this leads to overtimes).

Our team is no exception. We had all these problems and even more. As a result, we invented several life hacks on how to maintain a balance of work and life, and we are happy to share them with you!

1. Allow yourself to be out of reach

Psychologists say that we need from 18 to 254 days to form a new habit. For example, Ira Sulatska, a speaker of our Ukrainian Sourcing School, developed a habit of turning off the phone on weekends and not answering work questions these days.

Lena Volk, the founder of EvoTalents, tried to devote her weekends to relaxation as well. Despite the fact that this habit hasn’t become a part of her life yet and Lena hasn’t stopped looking at Trello, for example, or checking the plan of this article :), she’s come up with a Friday ritual for herself. Every Friday Lena devotes 2-3 hours to herself, while the nanny takes care of her daughter Sofia.

Lena calls this ritual "a date with herself" when she goes to her favorite coffee shop, reads a book or just walks in the park. This is a great way for her to "reboot" from work from home and fill with new ideas.

Баланс работы и жизни на удаленке

2. Choose a comfortable prioritization

Recently we have written about the culture of happiness at EvoTalents, where we told about the work-life balance that helps us stay at the resource.

Since we do not have strict rules regarding the schedule and place of work, each of us can choose the option that is comfortable for ourselves. For example, Dasha Nazarenko has a special rule: to do difficult tasks at the beginning of the week and easier ones – at the end of the week. This prioritization helps Dasha to "unload" and start the weekend in a more relaxed mood.

One more life hack of Dasha: if you catch the feeling of "flow", then you work and have more rest the next day. The main thing is to keep balance and not blame yourself for the fact that overtime happened yesterday, and today is an “easy” day.

3. Ask for help if you need it

You probably know the feeling when you have a lot of ideas, but few resources for implementation. If we see that the backlog is going to fail, we don’t have to be afraid of admitting to ourselves and our team that we are not coping with the tasks. And then just ask for help.

We even have special calls on Tuesdays, where we [our team] discuss the load and decide how we can redistribute it. So a recruiter who has free time can help a colleague who, on the contrary, is "overwhelmed" with vacancies or has some difficulties.

And when we have a period of webinars at our Sourcing School, we reduce the amount of team calls, so that speakers can devote this time to preparing their lectures.

4. Change the "picture"

In 2019 a remote-first company Buffer conducted a survey of remote workers. It turned out that home is the most popular place to work remotely (84%), followed by coworking spaces (8%) and cafés (4%).

Our team also fits into these statistics. However, we love changing locations to unwind, meet each other or work in the rhythm of the city.

For example, Dasha Nazarenko loves to work from a coworking space in the city center. And for Lena Volk, a shop or lawn in the park can become an office. The main thing is a full charge on the phone and headphones.

And, of course, working together from a coffee shop, we don’t forget to take team photos:

Как поддерживать баланс работы и жизни на удаленке

5. Create your own traditions

What unites the philosophy of happiness hygge, lagom, fika, ikigai? Each of them emphasizes the importance of spending time with loved ones and creating own little traditions.

To maintain work-life balance and avoid inevitable burnout, allow yourself to do nothing with friends and family. For example, Masha Naumenko discovered new places in Dnipro during the spring quarantine. So she found a Catholic church with interesting architecture and almost deserted places for perfect insta picnics.

6. Find a hobby

Nobody cancelled the positive effect of art therapy and the joy of creation! It is proven that people who are passionate about something get less stress at work and generally do better than their peers.

At EvoTalents, Katia Ovcharenko practices yoga and playing drums, Masha Naumenko reads a looot, Masha Dvornikova loves hiking and running, Anya Medvedeva has already played all the board games in the world. And in the photo below you can see a happy  EvoTalents team after a mosaic master class :)

Worklife баланс на удаленке