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Tips for CEOs: How to find IT professionals on your own (without recruiters)

Lena Volk
Lena Volk June 22, 2018

Как найти ИТ специалистов

If you have your own startup or studio which provides IT services, you don’t have a full-time it recruiter and you are trying to look for programmers on your own, this article is for you.


Probably the first and easiest thing you can do is going to Djinni.

For those who don’t know yet, Djinni is a service for anonymous job search, so there is a chance to meet strong developers there who are thinking about changing jobs.

You can publish information about the company, post a vacancy and find profiles of relevant candidates.

Cost: 20% of the hired candidate's salary. Payment is made within 30 days after the employee started working.

Job boards and DOU

Now the most used job search sites in Ukraine are and

An entry-level vacancy should definitely be advertised on job search sites. But if you want to find stronger specialists, it is better to look for them on DOU.

There you can add information about your company, links to other resources, photos, vacancies. DOU is a main place candidates go to when looking for information about companies.

Cost: five free vacancies on, three on DOU and one on

Tip: try to make text creative and unique when posting information about a company and vacancies. Find distinctive features of your company, something that makes you stand out among others, and share this atmosphere through the text.

Social and professional networks

We all know that a lot of people look for employees and job on Linkedin, as there is a huge amount of vacancies in feeds, but more and more people are posting vacancies on Facebook.

Try to write a post on Facebook, tell us what kind of employee you are looking for, and ask your friends to share your post. The more you reach the audience, the faster you will find the right person.

An example of how I collected 22 job reposts in exchange for coffee :)

Cost: free or coffee (delicious)

Tip: don't forget to make the post interesting and show the atmosphere of the company.

Recommendations of internal staff

Tell your team about job openings.

If your employees are satisfied with their work, they will bring it to the world and recommend you to their friends and people they know! Keep this in mind :)

Cost: free or referral bonus.


It is worth updating your LinkedIn or Skype status from time to time. Ofter headsof companies don’t do this, but it really works! At least a couple of candidates write to me in response to such a status.

This is another way to tell more people about your job.

Cost: free.

External recruiters and recruitment companies

And of course, if you don't have time to recruit by yourself, or you want to find a lot of experienced developers, you should contact a freelance recruiter or recruiting company.

Cost: freelance recruiter services can be up to 100% of the hired employee's salary. Recruiting agency services start with this price.

Tip: choose a person or company for cooperation through recommendations. They will be the face of the company for candidates, and it is important not only to fill the vacancy quickly, but also to create a positive image of the company.

I often hear from small companies how difficult it is to compete with companies-giants.

But not all senior-level guys love and strive to work in large companies. I know people who prefer to work in a startup.

And I offer you to think about features your company can attract candidates with? What do you have and big companies don’t?

Perhaps your company has:

  1. really flexible and free schedule;

  2. lack of bureaucracy;

  3. the ability to work remotely;

  4. warm and trusting team relationships, family atmosphere;

  5. a wide range of tasks and responsibilities;

  6. the opportunity to develop with the company, to be a key employee and to lead a separate direction in the future;

  7. the ability to influence the product, suggest new ideas for the development of the project, etc.

And this is just the beginning of the list :) Look what other companies write about themselves on DOU:

Lanars the way they wrote about the company gave a desire to work for them.

Tubik Studio has created a very homely atmosphere in the office and convey it via social networks.

Codemotion did not stop at a creative description of the company, but created an employee code.

Web Design Sun built a friendly team that works remotely, and they are proud of it.

And the list can be continued… ;)

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