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Polish recruitment — Relevant information for recruiters

Evotalents May 12, 2023

Entering a new recruitment market is like stepping out of your comfort zone. At first it can be confusing and even a little scary. We understand that sometimes searching for candidates in another country can be difficult and long. Therefore, thanks to Alina Chornobrov and Daryna Kuzmyk, People Operation Managers at Railsware, we have prepared information on how to enter the Polish market: where to look for candidates, as well as what nuances are important to know. The information was prepared on the basis of a webinar in partnership with the People First Club. You can find links to this and other webinars on the EvoTalents website.

Which websites to use

When starting the search, you need to choose the platform where you will search for candidates. There are two main options to choose from: a website or social media. Let's start with the first one.

Websites for searching for candidates in Poland

We have selected 5 main options of websites where you can find both Polish and Ukrainian candidates:

  • pracuj.pl - a website where you can get great feedback on resumes, mostly from non-technical candidates. This site does not work like an ordinary constructor. When opening a vacancy, you transfer information to the website manager, who forms the description on their own.
  • nofluffjobs- it is a great option if you are looking for a marketing or design specialist. You can also find a good Polish specialist on this website.
  • justjoint - it is a job posting website that is well suited for searching for a candidate with a technical profile. The Minimum cost of job posting on this website is PLN 300.
  • jobs.pl & rocketjobs.pl - are two relatively new resources created mostly for Ukrainian professionals in Poland.

Important tip: If you want to immediately instill confidence in candidates, be sure to include information about your company, and in the job description include several reasons why you can be trusted.

Many specialists on the interviews with Ukrainian companies often ask how stable and reliable cooperation will be. For example, if your company works for international clients and has a stable income be sure to mention it.

Which social media to use

To search for candidates in Poland we recommend using well-known platforms. The main advice is to pay attention to what you are looking for and choose social media based on this.

  • LinkedIn. The platform, which is popular in almost any country for job search, can also help with IT recruiting in Poland.
  • Facebook. If you are looking for Jun, then check out FB. It is usually easier to find them here than, for example, Seniors.
  • Twitter. Poles are very active and good at Twitter, so don't neglect this platform.

Important tip: Poles are formal in working relationships, so try to  use a formal style of communication.

When talking to candidates from Ukraine, you can sometimes allow yourself a less formal style of communication, for example, starting the conversation with a simple "Hi". Poles prefer to adhere to a more formal style, so do not forget this when starting communication with the candidate.

In addition to the websites, you can also ask for help from other recruiting agencies that will be able to find the right professional for you. Here, we've rounded up the five best recruiting agencies, according to Clutch:

  • Talents Place
  • DevsData LLC
  • Next Technology Professionals
  • Bee Talents
  • Team UP IT Recruitment

About salaries in Poland

Over the past two years, statistics on salaries in Poland have not changed much. So, the compensation averages for technical positions like DevOp, Python, and Java developers are:

  • Junior - 6,000 zlotys/$1,400
  • Middle - 14,000 zlotys/$3,300
  • Senior - 22,000 zlotys/$5,000

These statistics are presented on the basis of salaries provided by companies, which is slightly different from the requirements of candidates, because usually their expectations are higher.

An interesting but obvious fact: the most job offers come from Warsaw, but Krakow and Wroclaw are in second place.

Thank you for the information provided by the Just Joint IT platform.

Advantages of hiring in Poland

Poland offers a large selection of qualified specialists. The advantage of employees from Poland is relatively small salary requests (if compared to salary requests in the West) and high quality of education. When starting cooperation with a Pole, write down clearly in advance all the requirements for their future position. Candidates from Poland especially like when the employment contract offers a hybrid type of work, where you can work both from the office and from home. At the same time, starting cooperation with an employee from Poland, the company gets a specialist in its team for the long term, as Poles prefer a stable workplace.