Senior DevOps Engineer

Vadym Nagirniak
Vadym Nagirniak
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Remote, Ukraine | London, UK

About company

At Rotageek we help businesses perfectly predict and meet demand by using data-driven tech to effectively and fairly schedule staff. We use algorithms and machine learning to identify patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed -providing best-in-class business forecasting and workforce management.

We help companies like O2, GAP and Pret to move from paper and excel based rotas to intelligent and interactive schedules and in turn, are able to demonstrate not only reduced admin time and costs but increased footfall conversion, and increased transaction value and increased customer NPS. Furthermore, we help our client’s employees gain more ownership over their hours - improving their work-life balance – and reducing staff churn.

Rotageek is a fast-growing B2B SaaS company currently focused on the retail and healthcare verticals within the UK.

The role

We’re looking for someone who will work closely with our Tech team to build the future of digital scheduling. Rotageek is focused on developing services and microservices that communicate through clean interface layers to deliver a stable and agile scheduling platform. You have the flexibility to work on web apps, mobile apps, integrations, and API development.

We utilise Azure, AWS and Google Cloud and have multiple productions and test environments. We’re very keen on automating infrastructure creation and changes to infrastructure alongside deployments to the platform. As a DevOps engineer at Rotageek, you will be taking ownership of the infrastructure and the deployment pipelines. We release to production multiple times a day so automation is really important to us.

We’re a little obsessive about using the most appropriate tech to solve our problems, so there’s always an opportunity to learn new skills. Our front-end was recently rebuilt using React. In the back-end, we use a mix of NoSQL and SQL depending on the use case. We’re in the process of moving to asynchronous messaging-based architecture so there’s a real opportunity to get involved in architecture design.

What we expect from our Senior Engineers

  • You follow security best practices and always keep in mind the need to keep our infrastructure and data safe. 
  • You will contribute towards building our architecture. You’re comfortable suggesting new and brave ideas, technologies and ways of working.
  • You know how to build scalable and high-performance applications while ensuring zero downtime in a team that does continuous releases
  • You have experience working in an agile environment.
  • You are comfortable working with a range of different technologies and platforms and can research the best solutions to help drive our platform.

Your responsibilities

  • You are responsible for the build, deployment and maintenance of our infrastructure in Azure, AWS and Google cloud.
  • You will help build and maintain our CI/CD pipelines
  • You are responsible for the scalability, security and performance of Rotageek’s platform. 
  • Securing the cloud infrastructure, ensuring best security practices are followed You document complex processes where needed.
  • Monitoring the production infrastructure and responding to any incidents. Ensuring there is adequate alerting and monitoring in place.
  • Mentoring and leveling up more junior developers on the team.
  • You deal comfortably with uncertainty and (when necessary) work in highly pressurized environments.
  • You can template infrastructure creation and deployment to our cloud platforms.
  • Provide accurate estimates for how long new features or bug fixes etc will take to deliver.
  • Support our sales and customer success teams in delivering digital scheduling to new and existing clients.

Your knowledge and experience

  • Have experience configuring TeamCity, Octopus Deploy and Azure Devops.
  • Have experience with templating infrastructure creation using ARM templates, Terraform or similar technologies Be comfortable using tools like Powershell and the Azure / AWS CLI to interact with those cloud platforms.
  • Have experience with containers and Kubernetes. E.g creating a Kubernetes cluster, managing nodes, pods and autoscaling from CLI / scripts.
  • Have excellent knowledge of Microsoft Azure. Useful to have exposure to AWS and GCP.
  • Have good knowledge of back-end development architecture, Web Development technologies, Database technologies and SOA or microservices architecture.
  • Have experience with infrastructure as code using ARM / Bicep templates or Terraform.
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, and ability to build effective working. relationships with internal teams across Rotageek using collaboration and persuasion skills.
  • Enjoy working in an agile environment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage multiple projects, successfully delivering projects on time and to budget.
  • Be fluent in communicating and innovating solutions to complex problems.
  • Being able to work well in a team and with others, good communication skills are essential.
  • Have significant relevant experience and Ideally educated to degree level.
  • Enjoy working under pressure to meet both internal and external deadlines.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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