Front-End Engineer/React

Mariia Sotnikova
Mariia Sotnikova
Recruitment Partner


Kyiv, Ukraine

About us is a social media listening solution, that gives businesses the ability to become better by listening to their customers. We believe it takes great people to make a great product. That’s why our team lives by our company values, and we hire based on them too.

How does it sound to you to work for a company that handles millions of mentions per hour and uses this data to help our customers make better decisions? We have plenty of challenges both technical and product-related for you to apply your creativity and technical skills.

In 2019  were the best in visual insights among the world's top players:

In 2020 became the best monitoring system in Eastern Europe:

How we work

Our R&D team is divided into Squads. Each squad has its own area of responsibility and decides how to organize its work internally. There are 4 squads: product, data, platform and data science. You will be a part of our product squad, responsible for the development of YouScan’s application.

YouScan is using OKR system to set our yearly goals, but squads work by shape up methodology which proved to be both comfortable for individual developers and great for productivity of the whole team.

We always measure the impact of what we do, conduct experiments and strive to make data-driven decisions. We are passionate about providing great experience to our users and making best in class social media listening tool.

Every developer does not just write code to move task in Jira (actually we don’t have Jira at all). We write code so it solves problems, we analyze how features are used and never stop improving what we’ve done.

Our web app is built on top of modern JavaScript and React and also we slowly but surely moving everything to TypeScript. We strive to use functional approach and care about code quality. We use Redux for our state management, Highcharts for data visualizations and Webpack to make everything work together. On the back-end we use C# .NET Core, ElasticSearch and we host billions of data points on distributed servers on Azure.

What you’ll do

  • Participate in the front-end development of our product
  • Do code reviews and provide feedback to your peers
  • Actively participate in product discussions
  • Continuously improve our stack and pay off technical debt
  • Care about creating great user experience
  • Measure the impact of what you do

What we’re looking for

First of all we’re looking for a real teammate — we want you to communicate, share your vision, bring in your own ideas. We also want you to listen and hear other points of view, be able to look into other person’s eyes.

We expect you to have:

  • Experience developing feature-rich web-applications
  • fluent in HTML, CSS and Modern Javascript (TypeScript is a plus but not a must)
  • Deep knowledge of React Ecosystem and its best practices.
  • Product thinking
  • Eye for design, good sense of UX and high attention to detail
  • High level of self-organization, ownership and responsibility
  • Good written and spoken English

What we offer

  • Competitive pay
  • No corporate BS
  • Hybrid office
  • A value-driven work environment where people come first
  • Unlimited vacation (yeah, really)
  • Time for self-education
  • We will pay for your professional development — conferences, courses, books etc.

Stages of communication:

  1. 30-min general conversation with Recruitment Partner
  2. 1-hour friendly talk with tech lead + HR [+ CTO]
  3. 1-hour technical interview
  4. 30-min Cultural fit with CEO