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Blockchain: Where to post a job?

Marina Popruzhenko
Marina Popruzhenko October 23, 2022

The current tech market is still a “candidate market.”
It would be better if you were proactive, looking for those who fit your position, have a proper location, and engage them in the process through excellent outreach.
BUT… if you have a global search, even a large recruiting team can’t reach such a vast candidates pool quickly.
To attract inbound candidates at the beginning of the search, you should post your vacancy on external sources.

Internal career page

There’s an ongoing war for talent in the market, and a stellar career page is one of the key elements to attracting top talents. It is an essential source of information for your candidates, so ensure you represent your values and what you do and stand for.

  • Stylized as a corporate style — it works for the employer’s brand.
  • Improves candidate experience — it is convenient for candidates to view all open vacancies in your company. Candidates who look at it feel motivated to apply for your open positions.
  • Easy workflow — candidate responses are automatically uploaded to your ATS.

A career page is only one piece of the recruitment tools you have in your toolbox. It is worth using them in the recruitment process.

Job Boards

Job boards are a common place where employers and job seekers can find each other. There are plenty to choose from, including general boards where any job can be posted and highly specialized niche boards targeted at specific industries and jobs. We will focus on Blockchain.

  1. Crypto Jobs List
    Here you can post blockchain, crypto and web3 jobs starting from $69.00.
  2. Crypto jobs
    Web3 jobs for crypto enthusiasts. Jobs posting from $249.00.
    Job board for searching and posting vacancies in the blockchain. It starts at $79.00.
  4. Works-hub
    Software Engineering Jobs list, with Blockchain domain as well. There you can try posting 1 job opening for free for 30 days.
  5. Bitcoinjobs
    Blockchain specialization. Post 1 of your vacancies for free for 30 days.


In the vast digital world, users are grouped by interest. Recruiters and Sourcers need to follow their candidates not only on Linkedin. These professional communities are a great place to post vacancies, find new contacts, expand your network and stay up to date with the latest news, changes, and trends.


    Here you can find public Slack groups to join. You can sort them into different categories — over 40 Slack groups under the Crypto category.
  3. Not only Blockchain channels but a lot of valuable links. Review the list, and you will find one for your needs.
  4. Private Channels
    Ask your technical colleagues Where they discuss professional topics online. Ask candidates Where they found your job or previous jobs. If they are members of those Slack channels, they can add you there. Read the internal rules of posting carefully and only then post vacancies.


Channels are divided into Public and Private

  1. Web3 Channel
    Web3 has its own Job board, so posting your vacancies here is paid.
    But if you look through the channels, you can find candidates who write about themselves. You can reach them out via direct messages.

  2. Crypto Coders

  3. CryptoDevs

  4. Discord servers List


Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with more than 550 million monthly active users.
Use channel search using different keywords (crypto, blockchain, DeFi, etc.) and change locations (if you need to find a specific one). See the screen below.

  1. Blockchain Headhunter channel with 7820+ users.
  2. Blockchain_Jobs channel 465 users.
  3. Blockchain Dev Jobs /(Solidity) channel 269 users.


This is the most popular source for finding candidates and, on the other hand, for finding a job. So use it not only for sourcing but also for posting vacancies.

Linkedin Jobs

In many locations, Job posting through Linkedin jobs will give you a lot of applicants. Even relevant one ; )
You can post one vacancy for free. All the next ones will be paid.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn also has its internal groups. Some of them are about events, others from companies. We are interested in Blockchain and Jobs, and here we have 324 groups related to our needs. Check it for relevance and post your vacancy there.

Recruiters Communities

And last but not least, use the possibilities of your recruitment/sourcing network.
We created a Blockchain Rec Community (in Ukrainian) and Blockchain Recruitment Community LinkedIn (in English).

Do not forget to go beyond the limits in routine actions and try something that you have not done before. In case you need help with finding candidates for your blockchain vacancy, our highly-experienced recruiters are ready to handle it. And to deepen your knowledge and boost you skills in blockchain recruitment, join our blockchain recruiting course created to help you find blockchain developers faster and show even better results.