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Top places to find blockchain developers

Evotalents October 11, 2022

blockchain recruitment, blockchain recruiting

Hiring blockchain developers may be not an easy task, especially if you have started working with blockchain vacancies not so long ago. In this article we will help you to find out what sources to use to find blockchain developers.

In general, they all may be divided into a few sections. This will help you consider where to look for first and what websites are with the highest priority in your case:

  • Job boards

  • Talent marketplaces

  • Communities

Job Boards

Let’s start with Job boards. When it comes to blockchain developer search, don’t skip job boards. They can definitely bring you awesome results (and relevant candidates too, of course). 

  • Blocktribe is a job board that specializes in blockchain. So you can post your job here and then just wait for applications. 

  • GitHub Jobs is a job board where you can post your job openings too. And as it’s connected to GitHub, candidates trust this job board and the companies who post their vacancies here. 

  • is a job board for job openings in cryptocurrency. Looking for candidates on Crypto.job is easy and convenient.

  • Coinality is a job board with vacancies in the blockchain industry. And yes, your vacancy can only be approved and posted after the review by coinality’s team. Though it’s an advantage of coinality. 

  • CryptoJobsList is a job board with lots of jobs in blockchain. Here you can see a vast variety of vacancies in blockchain and it’s possible to find candidates in different directions and contract types. 

  • is one more job board focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

  • offers an opportunity to post your job opening in cryptocurrency, and this can be possible on a paid basis. 

Talent marketplaces

No matter where you are located, you can use different talent marketplaces to find blockchain developers with candidates from any location and specific experience.

  • Revelo is a talent marketplace with candidates mostly from the US and LatAm. Anyway, if you are looking for a blockchain developer and these locations are just right what you need, try it.

  • Dream is a marketplace specialized in hiring blockchain developers. So if you need a blockchain developer with solid experience and knowledge, may help you a lot. 

  • BountyOne is a marketplace where you can find blockchain developers who want to get payments in crypto and tokens.

  • is another marketplace focused exclusively on blockchain. Moreover, you pay for the website’s fees with bitcoin. Cool, isn’t it?

  • Toptal is a place where you can find not only blockchain developers but also different other tech specialists. 

  • Guru is a marketplace to find freelance developers in blockchain or other fields, though there are lots of candidates from blockchain. 

  • Upwork is a freelancer marketplaces you’ve certainly heard about. Despite the fact it’s the largest freelancer marketplace, the number of blockchain candidates who have their profiles on Upwork is quite big.

  • Hired is a job search marketplace where you can easily find blockchain developers. This website becomes more and more popular, so the amount of profiles increases all the time as well.


If you prefer searching for candidates in different communities or looking through relevant topics in order to find your candidate, go this way.

  • Reddit contains lots of groups connected to crypto and blockchain. So it’s highly possible that you will find relevant candidates if you join these groups and monitor who posts something here and who leaves comments.

  • BitcoinTalk is a forum with different topics on crypto and blockchain. In other words, a perfect place to find blockchain developers.

  • StackExchange is a website with more than 180 communities with Q&A. Choose the right blockchain community and your potential candidates will be there.

  • GitHub is a site that needs no introduction. Every sourcer and recruiter is a frequent visitor there.

So these are the websites you can use when looking for blockchain developers. And if you have to find a blockchain developer and need some help, reach us out and our team that specializes in blockchain recruitment will help you ASAP. And to deepen your knowledge and boost you skills in blockchain recruitment, join our course created to help you find blockchain developers faster and show even better results.