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Preparate for an interview in English quickly?

Evotalents August 29, 2022

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An interview in English is quite a stressful situation. "What if I don't understand something? And if I don't say something in a right way? What if I forget some words? And if suddenly I confuse Past Simple and Present Perfect?”. Almost everyone has such thoughts before the interview in English. How to overcome anxiety and what will help to pass the interview successfully?

Are there any life hacks or tips to complete this task successfully? Yes! And these secrets were shared with us by Anna Krasilnik (Business trainer, coach (ICF), specialist in neuroeducation, Head of Workshops at Savvy L&D Solution Company) during the webinar "Urgent preparation for an interview in a foreign language".

So how to prepare for an interview and what to pay attention to?

Do you speak English?

Many of us are very worried that they speak not too confidently, slowly, making mistakes. And actually, that's what often stops us, and we give up the idea to apply for one or another vacancy. In fact, there is no need to dwell on the fact that somewhere in the speech process you make mistakes. Especially if you are in the process of learning a language, they are unavoidable. Moreover, what and how a person says something is definitely more important than how correctly it is said.

And yes, the ability to express your thoughts and point of view is a very important skill. As at the work meetings you will need to share your thoughts, reports, ideas with other colleagues, and it is important that you answer or report in a timely and understandable manner, even if it will not be very perfect from the point of view of grammar. So fluency often plays a crucial role.

How to develop "fluent" language skills?

Only 3 steps and your speaking skills will definitely reach a new level:

  • Connect images and concepts with foreign words;
  • Forbid yourself to build sentences in your native language;;
  • Practice a special Shadow Reading technique.

By the way, Shadow Reading is a very cool and effective technique for developing speaking skills not only in English, but also in any other foreign language.
This technique is quite simple and clear: we choose a text, turn on the audio recording of this text, follow the text with our eyes and say the text about ourselves, repeating it after the speaker. And after that, we turn on the audio again and repeat after the speaker, following the text with our eyes. And then the next step: we turn on the audio, repeat the text after the announcer, but we no longer look at the text, only listen and repeat.

Life hack: If you have an interview soon, find a text with a similar topic some time before and practice using the Shadow Reading technique. After all, a text on a similar topic will help you prepare for the interview process and repeat the vocabulary that may be used at the interview.

How to overcome stress and anxiety?

First of all, repeat the relevant vocabulary and prepare for soft-skill questions. If you go through a set of these questions before the interview and think about how you can answer them, it will help you to be less nervous and answer to such questions during the interview calmly and confidently.

Next step: setting up correctly!

Remember: when we go to an interview, we communicate as equals. And our task is to understand whether we can really be useful to each other. So turn off the "I need it" button, take the "partner position", and forget about the worries

Step 3: Build contact with the interviewer

You can do it like this:

  • Adjusting the volume of the voice, speed of speech, body posture
  • Reflecting the key vocabulary and values ​​of the interviewer
  • Use the same vocabulary as your interviewer does. This will help you to be "on the same wave".

So, these are the practical tips Anna shared with us. You can find more useful pieces of advice here.
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