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EvoTalents Is a Top Three HR Company in Ukraine Thanks to Clutch Review

Evotalents July 6, 2022

IT Recruitment Agency

The power of reviews and feedback has always been significant, even in the days of traditional marketing. This reality is one of the biggest reasons why we decided to create our vendor profile on the B2B review platform some years ago.

But not even in our wildest aspirations did we think that our clients would help us reach the heights we would through the power of their scores and support. This is the story of how we became one of the best HR agencies in the country thanks to our five-star feedback.

The company we were working with for this project is a firm that created products for the aviation industry. They needed a reliable partner to help find their ideal candidate for an open position. The client was able to find us through a recommendation made by one of their partners.

The project was a multi-step process where the client was heavily involved. Unfortunately, we can’t get into too much detail about the engagement. But those interested can get more information on the review itself, which is on our Clutch profile. The fact the client gave us a five-star rating for our work is a good indication of what they thought of our performance.

One development we can talk about as a result of this review getting published is that we’re in the top three of the best HR companies in Ukraine as seen on The Manifest. For those unfamiliar with their work, they’re another third-party B2B platform that connects companies with their ideal project partners by creating rankings of the top performing teams in every industry.

This is an unexpected but most welcome development for us as a team. It helps accomplish a lot of our goals without us having to expend many resources or effort to pursue them. For example, this listing is an additional venue where potential clients can discover our services. It also provides an impressive placement that quickly establishes our team’s credibility as experts in the field.

Discover why our services are receiving such high praise and recognition from so many people by visiting our website. If you think what we offer is exactly what your business needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team through phone, email, or our social networks. We look forward to working with you soon.