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Tools for sourcers

Evotalents March 30, 2022

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Until recently, AmazingHiring was perhaps the most popular search engine aggregator among Ukrainian sourcers and recruiters. With the help of the free plugin, while being on the LinkedIn and GitHub profiles of the technical candidate, it was possible to open information (links to other social networks) up to 1000 profiles. Our EvoTalents team actively used AmazingHiring before the Russian invasion on February 24. Last month we focused on working with international clients. Accordingly, we reviewed the usual set of tools for sourcing.

We continue using:


  • ATS CleverStaff (they publicly refused Russian clients on March 3).

  • LinkedIn Premium (provides unlimited views of search results + InMail)

  • MixMax (configures automated mailing + analytics viewing)

Free (fully or with limited credits):

  • Google:
    [name] + (email|”email address”|contact|”contact information”|”contact me”)
    site:[company website] [name] (email|contact)
  • SalesQL, TalentScan, Hiretual (plug-ins looking for contacts of technical candidates)
  • OctoHR, EmailOnGitHub (plug-ins for finding contacts on GitHub only)
  • Streak CRM for Gmail (tracks opening of emails directly in Gmail) 
  • for scraping: AutoPagerize (automatically loads web pages into a single canvas, broken down into pages), Instant Data Scraper (extracts data from web pages and exports them to Excel or CSV files) and Phantombuster (multi-tool for automation of various actions)

Online tools:

If you haven't tried it yet, we recommend testing the OSINT tool demo – SocialLinks.
And here you will find more useful information from the colleagues:

When we resume recruiting  on the Ukrainian market, we will return to the search engine TurboHiring (publicly refused Russian clients on March 1).

In addition, we want to share with you some events and webinars that will help you to find out more about international recruiting and sourcing:

And if you want to improve your sourcing skills, we invite you to the course "Сорсинг курс: Advanced" from EvoTalents.School.