A dream job after courses? Success Story of a student of EvoTalents.School

Olha Onofriichuk
Olha Onofriichuk June 2, 2021

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A dream job after courses – myth or reality?

Perhaps many people think that finding a cool job after completing courses is something fantastic. So is it real or not? Yes! The Success Story of the student of our EvoTalents.School, Maryna, will help to make sure of this. Maryna took our course with experience in a completely different field, but the desire to gain knowledge in sourcing and try herself in a new direction gave Maryna amazing results.

Let's start?

  • Hi, Maryna. Thank you for agreeing to share your Success Story. We think that many of us will be interested to read about this) So where do you work now, what is your position?

  • Now I work as a Talent Sourcer at Values ​​Value: Recruitment in Game Development.


  • How did it happen that you started working there? Have you worked in the same field before? Or is it something completely new for you?

  • I have 12 years of work experience as an accountant and two maternity leaves) I liked what I was doing, I liked numbers, tables, but my soul demanded changes. I wanted drive, new acquaintances, challenges. And then my attention was attracted by the profession of a recruiter. With such thoughts, I went on maternity leave for 2.5 years. When the youngest child had already left for kindergarten, it was necessary to return to work, but many had already changed during this time, once again it was necessary to start almost all over again. And then I decided to try it. I decided to start with courses.


  • How did you get on the course at EvoTalents.School?

  • Friends advised several to choose from. EvoTalents described the course in a language I understood, all the speakers were presented, a reasonable price (I paid for the course in advance and received a significant discount) and, most importantly, the phrase "is suitable even for beginners."


  • Which knowledge from the course do you use every day now?

  • The school provided the basics of what you can't do without + alternative search methods + tools. The classes were so intense that I still sometimes watch videos from the courses and find something new and useful. After completing the courses, my communication with EvoTalents team did not end. We have the most sincere and responsive telegram chat for alumni. The girls helped me a lot when I performed my first technical task when applying for my first job in a new role.


  • What advice would you give yourself now while taking the course?

  • While studying at EvoTalents.School, I literally bombarded everyone with questions, I always received answers and help promptly. In addition to knowledge, the girls simply radiated love for the profession)


  • What are your first impressions of your new job and tasks?

  • It was the first working day after 2.5 years of maternity leave, the first day in a new profession, the first trip to work without leaving home. But here I was also lucky, all the girls from Values ​​Value team supported me, helped me, patiently answered a looot of questions. Though we still know each other only online, the impression is that we have been offline friends for years.


  • Do you have moments when you feel burnout or overwork? How do you restore productivity and harmony?

  • I'm passionate about what I do. It's inspiring when you feel like a full-fledged member of the team, where everyone is ready to "lend a hand". And when, thanks to your efforts as well, the offer is accepted, all your tiredness disappears. What drives me is that there is a lot of interesting things ahead, that the profession requires constant movement and training. Every day is a series of challenges, another step up. I draw strength from my family, books, and I love paintings by numbers.


  • What do you think is the main secret of how to find a great job? For example, after courses.

  • The main secret is a great desire to do it. Of course, it will not be easy when everything is from scratch: a lot of new information (methods, ways, tools), the profession requires constant self-development. But on the course, I finally fell in love with the profession, and all these obstacles can be overcome. I immediately found a great job. I continue to develop further, I needed a course specified on GameDev, I finished it with interest and I constantly read, try, study something. I like to feel the team spirit in Values ​​Value, to feel part of the team. The profession is now in great demand on the market. I like that you can do your favorite thing from anywhere in the world. I feel like a happy person who climbs a step every day.


  • Thank you, Maryna, for sharing your story with us. It really motivates and adds confidence that you can always find a dream job: at any age, with different backgrounds and experiences, because the main thing is desire!

We are very happy that our courses help to find dream jobs and can change lives that way!).

We hope that Maryna’s story will add motivation and you will believe that everything is possible!

And if you also want to start your career in recruitment or sourcing (or just systematize or deepen your knowledge), join our courses.

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