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Lena Volk
Lena Volk August 15, 2018

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My team and I love reading. We read and share with each other books about recruitment, copywriting, business and self-development. We would like to share with you the books that we have already read and which we want to read this year. All of them are about IT recruitment and sourcing :)

Книга Full stack Recruiter

Full Stack Recruiter

It is a new book by Jan Tegze where his experience, life hacks and pieces of advice from the previous two books are combined. And, of course, here you can find a lot of updated information. Its name“Full Stack Recruiter” fully justifies itself. From a comprehensive sourcing guide to personal brand development, this book has it all! This amazing book is complemented by "Full Stack Recruiter" website with chapters that were not included in the book. Moreover, Jan has a plan to update the content and add new information to the website.

We recently interviewed Jan and asked him about his new book [you can read it here:)].

And some good news: we have already brought “Full Stack Recruiter: The Ultimate Edition” to Ukraine! You can order a new book now, just contact Masha Naumenko: and 0634226602 (Telegram) or pay for it through Wayforpay.

Книга Executive Recruiting

Executive Recruiting

The book is more about the recruiting process and our EvoTalents.Team is already actively using one piece of advice from this book. It would be recommended to read not only to recruiters but also to everyone involved in the recruiting process (hiring managers, founders).

Книга Recruiting 101

Recruiting 101

It is read in one breath in a couple of evenings. It is very easy to understand (in terms of English as well). This book provides fundamental knowledge of all stages of recruiting. It will be especially useful to novice recruiters.

Книга Social media recruiting

Social media recruiting

A book about recruiting and employer branding on social media. There are a lot of examples and real-life cases from other companies. They really inspire.

300 Best Boolean String Book

300 Best Boolean Strings

An e-book by Irina Shamaeva, very practical for sourcing.

Sourcing Hacks: 2nd Edition, by Irina Shamaeva and David Galley

Sourcing Hacks: 2nd Edition

Another e-book by Irina Shamaeva with sourcing hacks. This is the second edition and all the information in the book is up-to-date.

SOURCING ANSWERS by Irina Shamaeva

Sourcing Answers

This is a joint e-book by Irina Shamaeva and David Galley. It contains sourcing tasks with answers and step-by-step explanations for preparation for the Sourcing Certification Exam.

How to hire A-Players book

How to Hire A-Players

One of the top books about hiring A-players. If this topic is interesting for you, we recommend reading it. 

The Book of Recruiting; Da Costa Style

The Book of Recruiting; Da Costa Style

A great guide to sourcing. Some tips are already out of date (for example, LinkedIn algorithms have changed), but in general, the book does not lose its relevance to this day. You can find more detailed feedback in our article.

The culture map book

The Culture Map

The book will be useful to recruiters who work in the international market. To better understand the differences and mentality of each country.

И наш Wish list:

Who: The a method for hiring book

Who: The A Method for Hiring

Another book on the topic of hiring A-Players.

Книга Open Source Intelligence Techniques

Open Source Intelligence Techniques

It's about sourcing, and this book seems to be about a more advanced level.

Книга IT recruitment process that works

IT recruitment process that works

A book from Devskiller that covers the entire recruiting process.

Книга The Sourcing Method

The Sourcing Method

And again our favorite sourcing :)

Книга The Talent Sourcing & Recruitment Handbook

The Talent Sourcing & Recruitment Handbook

The price of this book can...surprise you)) but this does not prevent it from being on our Wish List.

What else do you would you to our library? And who knows good books about recruiting in Russian?