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How can Gitter be useful to a recruiter?

Lena Volk
Lena Volk June 23, 2018

How to search for developers on Gitter

Once we had a sourcing meetup in Dnipro. I met a wonderful girl there. We discussed our sourcing checklist, and she said that there was a lack of Gitter. To be honest, I hadn't used it in my work before, so I immediately put that in my notes to try it in my free time.

I liked it:) And I’d like to share this information with you!

What is Gitter?

Gitter is an instant messaging service. It is integrated with GitHub and works closely with organizations, repos, bugs and activities.

There you can find separate rooms in which developers discuss pressing problems, repositories and share various information.

How can Gitter be useful to a recruiter?

Firstly, this is the place where our potential candidates gather.

Secondly, posts with vacancies can be made in separate rooms.

Thirdly, you can learn more about technologies, interesting things, innovations & new products of the IT world.

How to find the right community?

You can find the community you need using:

  • Internal search;
  • X-ray.

In order to find a suitable community on the site itself, simply enter a keyword in the search. I was interested in finding chats with Ukrainian developers, so I searched for Ukraine/UA and individual cities. Gitter can also filter by technology, but in this case, you will see a lot of English-speaking communities.

Программисты Украины на Gitter

It is very easy to find suitable communities using x-ray.

Sample request for Google:

site:https://gitter.im [location] [technology]

So the search for a Ukrainian Ruby community looks like this: site:https://gitter.im ukraine ruby

How to communicate with candidates?

Then you can see a list of all chat participants. If you hover over a person's profile, you will see basic information from his/her GitHub profile, including email. You can easily go to GitHub and see more information about this person, find him/her on LinkedIn and other social networks. You can also write to him/her directly via Gitter.

Now it is still unusual to receive messages from recruiters on Gitter, so it is quite possible that the response rate will be higher.

Рекрутинг на Гиттер


  1. When you have found the desired room, click on the planet in the upper right corner and you will be taken to a list of all the rooms in this community.

  2. Before making a post with a job, be sure to read the community guidelines (link next to the title).

  3. Don't spam guys, write in a personalized way and collect more information about the candidate in advance: go to GitHub, look at the experience on LinkedIn and read what the candidate writes in the community.

Chats for (and with:) Ukrainian developers:

Rooms by separate technologies Dev UA:


Rooms according to separate DOU technologies:


Special chats for posting vacancies:



P.S. If you want to find out more about places where you can find IT specialists, take our sourcing courses. There will be a lot of new and useful information :)

You can also find a lot of interesting and useful info in our Ukrainian sourcing Community.

P.P.S. Sourcing checklist can be downloaded here.