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Ірина Сулацька
Ірина Сулацька
Рекрутмент Тім Лід


Віддалено, Україна

About us:

EvoTalents is a full-remote recruitment agency about hiring with a soul. Our teammates work from Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, London, Ivano-Frankivsk. We’re truly passionate about recruitment and sourcing: we love our jobs and don’t hesitate to work with the most difficult requests. We value results the most and don’t tolerate micromanagement. We care about each other, clients and candidates and make every action with a high-quality approach. Cultural fit for us is the most important requirement, so we’re looking for recruiters who value the same things as us (you can read more about ours here).

Our clients:

Mostly we work with product companies. The most important criteria of a choice of partners for us are values: we won’t work with companies that do not value employees, for example, only for the profit. We help in hiring great-fit people for such companies as iDeals, Wix, Erbis, YouScan, Reface. Now we work with the Ukrainian market, but we’re going to start hiring for our European clients this year.

Long story short:

  • You’ll work with your clients directly: you’ll join the channel with hiring managers and our Client Manager and be able to ask all questions.
  • You’ll have all the support, knowledge, trust and area for ideas realisations inside the EvoTalents team.
  • You’ll work on sourcing strategies, choose the right tone of voice in emails, collect metrics, prepare reports, analyze a market, initiate changes independently.
  • You’ll work with absolutely different vacancies and domains. However, the most frequent requests are QA, Front-end, PHP and DevOps engineers. We don’t have any top-domains: we work with financial, dating, SaaS products, so you’ll have an ability to choose and an opportunity to learn about Ukrainian Technical market a lot.

Day-to-day responsibilities:

  • You’ll work on 3 vacancies at the same time. You can work on more positions if you want to: 3 vacancies is the standard capacity for each recruiter.
  • You’ll collaborate with a client a lot. You’ll conduct an intro-call with tons of clarifying questions and then messaging with a client on a daily basis.
  • You’ll be responsible for the full-cycle recruiting from job description creation and publishing, sourcing strategy building and first messages testing to the screen interview, weekly reports for clients, analyzing metrics at the end of the work, keeping in touch with a candidate after the offer acceptance and first working day.
  • You’ll take part in all company-wide meetings like status or learning ones (3 general meetings in a week is a must-have for everyone).
  • You’ll set your personal quarter goals and systematically talk with your line manager on 1-1 meetings.
  • You’ll be a part of team projects. All of us take part in yearly strategic sessions and almost every teammate not only works on vacancies, but also contributes to our projects.

Our expectations:

  • 2+ year of experience in Technical Recruitment. You have good basic knowledge and skills.
  • Strong sourcing skills is a must-have. Strong sourcing skills is a must-have. You know how to build sourcing strategy, you stay creative in your searching process and use not only LinkedIn search.
  • Strong market understanding and technical knowledge. You can go deep into the product idea or new technical stack quickly enough.
  • Life-long approach to learning. You are always one of the first people who read about new sourcing hacks and knowledge sharing is your passion.
  • Good analytical skills. You use metrics in your day-to-day job, analyze sourcing results carefully and use analytics as an argument when you want to change something.
  • Expert level communication skills. You know how to find the “right” approach, how to build effective collaboration with clients, how to manage negotiations with candidates and can build a picture about a person during the screen interview.
  • Self-management skills and maturity. You know how to plan your day/week/month routine, you set realistic deadlines, you’re able to manage different tasks at the same time and know how to prioritise it.
  • Intermediate level of English. You can present yourself in English and shortly check the level of English of a candidate.


  • Unlimited paid vacation. We don’t limit the number of days off: we value results and quality, not the number of hours.
  • Truly flexible working schedule. Some of our team members have little children or attend pilates during working hours. You can build a comfortable schedule especially for you.
  • 50% of payment for all educational and professional events. In addition, we have a big internal library of webinars and books, and give access to all EvoTalents.School courses. You can fully satisfy your constant need for learning!
  • We are a fully remote team, so you can work anywhere you want. If you want to work in coworking — we will provide you with that (50/50).
  • We help with accounting tasks, so you can focus on your work. You also can choose any bank which you want.
  • A big field for your ideas and project implementation. Everyone in our team can change the hiring process, work on improvements in our sourcing approach, start a big internal educational project. We appreciate initiation and everyone can take more responsibility besides work on vacancies.

Recruitment process:

P.S. Please, add a short cover letter to your application :)