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Tips on how to search for Blockchain Developers

Evotalents 14 жовтня 2022 р.

blockchain, blockchain recruiting

As blockchain recruitment becomes more and more popular and the blockchain opens lots of new horizons and opportunities, we'll share our experience on how to look for blockchain developers and what steps you need to take to succeed in it.

First of all, think about such general things as search channel analysis, creating sourcing strategy, conducting market research and preparing a set of tools you may need during the sourcing process. You need to do this despite the vacancy’s specialization, it doesn't matter whether it is a blockchain vacancy or any other.

EvoTalent’s experience

We’ve already got enough experience in finding blockchain developers in the short term. Weven had a case when we found two such developers in one day. And this article will contain our recommendations and our experience on how to find them. 

A few words about the candidates we were looking for: the main requirement was 5+ years of experience with Node.js (TypeORM, PostgreSQL) (3+ years of which with Nest.js and 1.5+ years with Blockchain projects). Also, we weren’t limited with the candidate's location, it could be Ukraine or any other country (so, it was worldwide). Though we started searching on the Ukrainian market and then moved to other countries. 

How to start working on a blockchain vacancy?

We’ve already mentioned some general steps, but let’s look deeper and decide on what to start with.

  1. Create a sourcing strategy. If you haven’t worked with sourcing strategies before, don’t worry! We’ll explain now what it is and how to do it. Just write down the keywords from your JD, conduct market research or use information from the research you’ve conducted recently to understand how many relevant candidates may be found among the locations you are searching at, and think which Booleans are highly likely to work here.
    To help you understand what a sourcing strategy is and how it looks like, here is how we do it at EvoTalents:

  2. Look at the vacancy again and think about the portrait of the ideal candidate. Define who you will be looking for.

  3. Decide where to look for candidates first, post the vacancy on different job boards and LinkedIn.

Sourcing: ready, steady, go

When your sourcing strategy is ready and you know who to look for, you can start sourcing for the candidates. Define the keywords to use in queries and start typing them to get first candidates. 

So, what sources can be used to find a blockchain developer?

  • LinkedIn
    Type keywords, skills, add a job title and location. You can also add a university or college if you prefer candidates from specific educational institutions.
    Tip: don’t get confused if you find candidates with profiles without last names or not well filled up with information about experience or skills. It’s okay if we’re talking about blockchain developers. Just a common situation. And don’t lose your chance to find a relevant candidate just because of these cons.

  • GitHub
    Never reject the opportunity to find a blockchain developer on GitHub. It can help a lot.

  • Reddit, Quora
    This platform is well-known and popular. So if you like scrolling different topics to your candidates, just try it.

  • Events
    Both offline and offline events can help find interesting people. So, if you are an event-lover, use this way. 

These are basic steps you need to take when looking for blockchain developers. And if you want to learn more about blockchain recruitment and communication with blockchain candidates, we are excited to share our knowledge and experience at our blockchain recruitment course that will help you find out more about blockchain recruitment and work with blockchain vacancies. 

And if you need to find blockchain candidates, our recruiters are ready to help you with it. Our experience and deep expertise will make this process smooth and high-quality. 


Author: Liuda Ziuman, Sourcing Believer, Sourcing Lecturer at EvoTalents.School,
                                          ex-Technical Sourcing Lead at EvoTalents